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Pre-listing Appraisals: Working with Realtors® 

A comparative market analysis (or a CMA) is a good starting point in deciding what to list your client's house for.   However, even if you are the most experienced real estate agent / Realtor®, it's in your best interest to also have a third party's objective opinion of value, and suggested list price.   A house that is priced too high will likely sit on the market too long and ultimately sell below market value due to imagined stigma associated with excessive days on market (DOM); not to mention your reputation as a knowledgeable agent could take a hit!  Setting a realistic sales price is KEY! And convincing your client of a realistic list price is critical to their success and yours. 


Just some of the additional services we can provide include assisting in rebuttal/reconsideration processes if the lender's appraisal comes in "low".  Andrea has reviewed thousands of appraisals for financial institutions and appraisal firms and can easily help pinpoint errors in appraisal methodology, comparable selection, and/or corrections needed.  


We can also help you determine which repairs are key and which are optional plus the likely payback of cost vs. contributory value.   

Appraisal fees are based on efforts to complete the report and services requested not a percentage of the sales price.  To request services and pricing click the link below:

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